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Q & A


1. What can my child expect with sideline cheer?

To make new friends, earn a strengthened confidence, learning new skills while in safe learning enviroment and fun.


2. What is the difference between sideline cheer and all star cheer?

Sideline cheer closely mimics both high school and college cheering by learning the skills to be on the sidelines during sporting events.  Sideline cheer is a great starting point into the cheer world.  It teaches cheers, chants, motions, jumps and stunting.  Sideline cheer is also significantly lower in both cost and time commitment .  All star cheer is competition based program in a gym.  It does not cheer for sports.  It requires a 6 to 12 month commitment and is extremely costly. 


3. What does my registration cost include?

The registration fee for cheer includes a practice t-shirt, practice facility rental, insurance, summer day camp, year end party and trophy.


4. So a uniform is not incuded in the cost of registration?

No it is not.  A uniform is the equipment required for a cheerleader.  No different than equipment for other sports such as football pads, a baseball glove, lacrosse stick or basketball. 

Uniforms consist of a shell, skirt, liner, briefs, poms and bow.  Estimated cost is $115.00. 


5. What items are needed for my child to practice?

Practice t-shirt provided, black athletic shorts or pants, all white tennis shoes, hair up out of face, no jewelry and a posistive attitude.


5.  Can my child participate in other sports while doing sideline cheer?

Absolutely.  We actually encourage all athletes to play several sports in their youth years.  By doing this is  helps to avoid burnout and injuries.